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Ramazan bengal cats - Registered cattery in Spain: tel / email / Authorized cattery licence / E2500066 Members of Cat Association / ASFEC Catalonia (Spain)

These are our available kittens at the moment, click on the arrows to see them, or click here to visit our bengal kittens in Spain page.

Ramazan bengal cats in Spain

Welcome to the official site of bengal cats of the Ramazan line, a specialized cattery in breeding high quality bengal cats in at the south of Catalonia, in Spain. If you are interested in welcoming a new bengal kitten in your house, visit our high quality bengal kittens available in our section to check out all the bengal kittens that we have right now. There we have pictures and videos of our bengal kittens. ¡Share your life with a bengal cat!

The book about the bengal cat

Get your copy of the book about the bengal with all the information about this outstanding breed, full of pictures, details, plus loads of topics about bengals

Discover the history, information, evolution of the bengal breed, and carefully selected pictures to illustrate this beautiful feline breed.

If you are thinking to share life with a bengal cat, you can buy this book to read about all the necessary information to make the right choice. Come into the amazing world of the bengal breed and get to know the bengal breed. (buy the bengal cat book in Spanish)

The character of the bengal cat

The bengal is practically a dream come true: be able to hold in your arms a beautiful wild looking cat combined with an extraordinary loving nature. The softness of the coat is similar to the one of the mink, their pelt it's a delightful feature of the bengal cat.

It is the temperament, that part of their uniqueness, that will make you totally in love with this breed, because they are loving, affectionate, playful and so much fun, they love being with you!

Every day more people are choosing this breed for the attractive wild beauty, temperament and very easy to look after. Without a doubt, you will enjoy loads of fun moments with your bengal pet. We offer bengal kittens all throughout the year. (read more about the character of the bengal cat